Photography and Music

Photography and Music

Friday 6th June sees another step forward for Music Industry Yorkshire as we host a exhibition based event on music photography

With work leading names in music photography this unique exhibition at  POP Arts Space in Hull (6pm onwards) will join the dots between creative disciplines and the interplay with music.

Some of you may remember a MIY session in Barnsley featuring legendary designer Vaughan Oliver, responsible for iconic designs on the LP sleeves of artists such as Pixies and the CocteauTwins. This session really opened up the discussion through being attended by a large number of non-musicians. We hope this new event will achieve similar ambitions, helping to explore the links between the disciplines and further strengthen the network of connected industries regionally.

To take things one step further, we are also inviting amateur music photographers to submit an example of their work to get the chance of displaying their own work as part of this exciting exhibition. The judges for this event are some of the leading music photographers from across the UK and beyond, including:

Andy Willsher – NME photographer for many years. Traveled the world shooting bands.

Mick Hutson – Select, Kerrang, Q, MOJO, Rolling Stone, Vice, GQ… 25 years world class experience. Mick has donated a framed signed numbered 1/50 print worth £250 as an extra prize for the winner of Click POP.

Jessica Lehrman – New York documentary photographer for Rolling Stone and Billboard.

Bart Pettman – Published in magazines worldwide, covered some of the biggest UK festivals.

Andy Fallon – Worked with R.E.M, The Killers, MOJO, NME, Rolling Stone and GQ,

Paul Dakeyne – Yorkshire based published photographer, known for stylish flair.

Andrew Cotterill – Worked for Q, Spin, Sony Style, NME, Word and more.

Darren Rogers – Based in Hull has been invited to co-curate the Click POP exhibition.

Please send one high res jpeg image (no more than 5mb) to  with the subject ‘Music Photography Submission’  by no later than the 21st May 2014